Self Storage Sites Get Active with Their CCTV


The safety and security of belongings stored in self-storage facilities have never been more crucial. As criminal activities continue to evolve, so must the security measures taken by self-storage sites. In recent times, Active CCTV has emerged as the go-to CCTV company for self-storage sites seeking robust security solutions. In this blog, we’ll explore how Active CCTV is becoming the preferred installer for self storage CCTV, sharing our journey with Squab Storage and the Self Storage Association UK, along with successful installations at Louth Self Storage and Extra Room Self Storage in Nuneaton.

Partnering with Squab Security: Elevating Self-Storage Security

Our journey into the realm of CCTV installations for self-storage sites began with a successful CCTV installation for Squab Storage in Leamington Spa. After witnessing our high standard of work and using our services again at their other sites in Evesham and Rubery, Squab encouraged us to connect with the Self Storage Association UK. This esteemed association acts as a vital link between self-storage facility owners and trusted suppliers, fostering innovation and excellence within the industry.

Becoming a Registered Supplier with the Self Storage Association UK

Upon engaging with the Self Storage Association UK and showcasing our work and knowledge within the industry, we were honoured to be recognised and registered as a trusted CCTV supplier for the self-storage industry. This endorsement solidified our position in the industry and allowed us to connect with self-storage facility owners actively seeking industry-leading CCTV solutions.

The Self Storage Association Event

The Self Storage Association Event served as a platform for us to meet numerous site owners and engage in insightful discussions about security challenges they faced. Collaborating with industry experts such as DSOC Remote Monitoring Centre, we explored innovative solutions to provide tailored security measures offering 24-7 protection of Self Storage sites.

Increasing Security at Self-Storage Facilities Across the Nation

Following the event, our team has been hard at work, crisscrossing the country to install commercial CCTV systems for self-storage facilities. Our focus has been on providing 24-hour surveillance and industry-leading security solutions to safeguard customers’ valuable possessions.

Successful Installations: Squab Stowmarket, Louth Self Storage and Extra Room

Squab has continued its expansion with its newest state-of-the-art self-storage facility in Stowmarket, once again trusting us to provide them with the latest CCTV equipment which

involved installing AI cameras to protect the external perimeter and HD cameras providing coverage of all 3 floors.

We then had the pleasure of visiting Louth Self Storage, where we installed a comprehensive CCTV system, providing them with real-time monitoring and peace of mind. The installation not only enhanced their security but also instilled confidence in their customers, establishing them as a trusted self-storage provider.

We then head to Warwickshire to visit Extra Room Self Storage in Warwickshire, here we installed CCTV that enables 24/7 surveillance from any location through full remote viewing. This cutting-edge technology ensures that they can keep a watchful eye on their facility, even when they are off-site.

Active CCTV have done a first class job on a complete upgrade of the CCTV system at one of our self storage sites.

The company’s knowledge and understanding of the industry helped immensely to put together a robust, up to date new system for monitoring cameras locally and remotely.

Their technical knowledge is excellent. They overcame any problems that arose innovatively, quickly and without fuss. Communication throughout was brilliant. Their workmanship, attention to detail and tidiness is exceptional.

Active are a joy to work with and I could not recommend them highly enough, particularly to those in the self storage industry.

– Mark @ Extra Room Self Storage

With further projects booked in Preston and Andover in the next couple of weeks, we continue to provide our expertise and knowledge to the self storage industry and the amazing companies operating in this sector.

Free Site Visit and Self-Storage CCTV System Advice

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