Commercial cctv specialists

Our systems cover

  • Motion Activated Recording
  • Analytic Information
  • Remote Access Thermal Imaging Option’s
  • ANPR Recording Software
  • Perimeter Breach Notification
  • Intruder Line Crossing
  • Remote Access
  • Administration Protocol

1. Cameras

Camras all come with high definition 8mp lenses

  • Great clarity of picture
  • Digital Zoom
  • Low Light Colour Capacity
  • Infrared capability

2. Systems

Hard Drive capacity to suit 7 to 365 days of recording

  • Motion Detection
  • Remote viewing capacity
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Email notification

3. Maintenance

We provide Gold, Silver and Bronze maintenance packages

  • Dedicated Technical help line
  • Site visits and Maintenance
  • System Updates
  • Regular Repairs

8mp Bullet Camera

Mainly used Externally this camera is ideal for perimeter security, with it’s built-in Motorised Zoom Lens it can be used to identify specific areas of interest as and when required whilst in live mode.


8mp Dome Camera

Mainly used Internally this compact camera can be literally installed anywhere, the built-in Infra-Red capability means that even in complete darkness it still provides an extremely high-quality image.


8mp PTZ Camera

This camera is able to provide coverage of a much wider area and can be set to operate on a constant tour mode or manually operated, works best when used in conjunction with other static cameras

loading-bay-coverage-warehouse-distribution centre

Warehouse & distribution

CCTV is able to offer so much more than providing security to a premises, with well-positioned cameras, they will provide coverage to prevent unnecessary Health and Safety claims, the tracking or locating of stock which has been misplaced, potentially saving thousands of pounds and more than cover the investment in purchasing a quality CCTV system.

Manufacturing & production

CCTV can be introduced on any shop floor or production area in key locations or problematic areas. They will dramatically reduce lost production time by alerting the operatives of potential issues that could cause major disruption to a companies output. Any accidents or Health and Safety claims be proved or disproved thanks to the quality of images provided.

Retail & Leisure

Whether a large Caravan Park, Restaurant or Childs Play Area, CCTV will provide additional security as well as clear evidence of incidents that may occur that could result in false insurance claims being made. It can be placed in areas where money is exchanged or vulnerable areas in and around a premises allowing you to have "eyes in the back of your head".