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Motion Activated Recording

Motion-activated recording activates the CCTV cameras to start recording when any motion is detected, this is feature helps save space on the harddrive and also can send notifications if motion is detected.


Hikvision analytics allows for advanced features to be part of the CCTV systems such as parameter protection, line crossing protection and remote access.

Thermal Imaging Option’s

Thermal options allow your CCTV cameras to pick up anything putting out a thermal output, this can greatly increase the the cameras monitoring abilities at night.

ANPR Recording Software

Hikvision's advanced CCTV features includes ANPR recording, this allows CCTV systems to identify a number plate and log it into a digital record system.

Perimeter Breach Notification

The Permenter breach feature allows you to set up a perimeter around a certain area on your Hikvision system that will send out a notification when something enters that area.

Intruder Line Crossing

An intruder line is a line that is set up on CCTV camera active and\or send notification if crossed. This line can be set times schedules, i.e when a business is open or closed.


Remote access is an advanced feature that allows you to access and monitor your CCTV cameras from anywhere with an internet connection, ideal for viewing on a mobile device.

Administration Protocol

Administration Protocol allows large organisations to set protocol levels for different members of the organisation so that their logins will only show the CCTV cameras they need to monitor.

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Hikvison systems are scalable for commercial premises as they grow when you are invited into Hikvison infrastructure.


Hikvison is the leading CCTV brand in the industry because they make their cameras available for small and large business, from warehouses, caravan parks, petrol stations, factories, retail and vehicle CCTV.

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Hikvision CCTV Cybersecurity


Hikvision has one of the best records for security in the CCTV market. Hikivison is always updating its software to keep its products safe and secure. Keeping your personal information is very important, with Hikvisions up to date software it makes it near enough impossible for it to be hacked remotely


Hikvision offers a whole range of CCTV systems and cameras from IP cameras, HD analog cameras, IP cameras, and management and analytics software, this allows for a bespoke system to be built for each commercial premises.

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