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Prevent theft CCTV cameras self storage

Theft Prevention

A well installed and correctly positioned CCTV camera system will act a deterrent to burglars. It also can provide the evidence of who the goods were stolen by and where they were stolen from.

investigatory management tool

Self storage facilities can be a busy working environment and CCTV can act as an investigatory and health and safety management tool as it provides visibility on things that would ordinarily go unresolved or unreported. Surveillance systems can be used to investigate the incident thoroughly and prove or disprove the cause of incidents.

CCTV For Self Storage
Remote Monitoring Self Storage CCTV

remote monitoring

Another great benefit to our CCTV systems is they can be monitored at any time from anywhere via a mobile device. Remote surveillance allows you to monitor your self storage facility, inventory and employers from wherever you have an internet connection.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent CCTV questions and answers

Self storage CCTV is designed to provide 24/7 surveillance, enhancing the security of stored items and deterring potential threats or unauthorised access.

Yes, our advanced CCTV systems allow for remote access, enabling you to monitor your storage units in real-time from any device with an internet connection.

Yes, our advanced CCTV systems support integration with mobile devices, enabling you to receive real-time alerts for any security breaches or predefined events.

Absolutely! Our cameras are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring consistent surveillance for both indoor and outdoor storage units.