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Loading bay coverage warehouse distribution centre

Warehouse & distribution

CCTV is able to offer so much more than providing security to a premises, with well-positioned cameras, they will provide coverage to prevent unnecessary Health and Safety claims, the tracking or locating of stock which has been misplaced, potentially saving thousands of pounds and more than cover the investment in purchasing a quality CCTV system.

Petrol Station CCTV

Petrol stations are busy, high-risk areas and so need the latest in CCTV technology to make sure they are monitored closely and provide 24\7 surveillance. The rise of unmanned petrol stations in the UK has further increased the need for the very best in security and surveillance at petrol forecourts.

Petrol Forecourt CCTV System
CCTV Food Manufacturing Production Lines

Factory & Production cCTV

CCTV can be introduced on any factory or production area in key locations or problematic areas. They will dramatically reduce lost production time by alerting the operatives of potential issues that could cause major disruption to a companies output. Any accidents or Health and Safety claims be proved or disproved thanks to the quality of images provided.

Retail CCTV

Whether a large retail store, restaurant or small shop, CCTV will provide additional security as well as clear evidence. It can be placed in areas where money is exchanged or vulnerable areas in and around a premises allowing you to have "eyes in the back of your head".

CCTV for Retail Shops
The Benefits of CCTV in Hotels

Hotel CCTV

Hotels are high footfall areas with people moving in and out of the hotel all day, CCTV allows for both the inside and outside of the hotel to be monitored 24\7 and help deter crime and theft from the hotel premises. CCTV cameras can also provide images of any other events that may occur in and around a hotels premises.

Caravan & Holiday Park CCTV

CCTV can play a crucial role at caravan and holiday parks in monitoring large busy areas. A CCTV system will not only help deter crime but will also offer a transparent log of any crime or accidents that may occur on-site.

Holiday Park CCTV Camera

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent CCTV questions and answers

Commercial CCTV can help protect business premises from intruders by acting as a deterrent and also alerting the designated CCTV operative to any intruders on site. Busienss CCTV cameras can also monitor internal employee areas and protect from employee theft. Having a CCTV system installed within your business allows you to monitor the premises 24/7.

Yes if you have a CCTV system that is equipped with IP cameras that allow record audio and video, there are a range of CCTV cameras that carry out different functions.

Yes, it can be used in court as long as the images are clear and high definition, this is why is important to invest in the latest CCTV technology that provides the best CCTV images possible.

Yes, if you have a CCTV system you must have a sign present on your building to make people aware they are being filmed. This ensures that you meet any legal requirements needed for CCTV, more information can be found in our blog on CCTV laws for commercial premises.