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Theft Prevention

A well installed and correctly positioned CCTV camera system will act a deterrent to burglars. It also can provide the evidence of who the goods were stolen by and where they were stolen from.

validate delivery discrepancies

Surveillance cameras can be used to validate delivery discrepancies from suppliers and customers. Correctly installed CCTV can be used provide visibility on activity areas such as loading bays and what is being loaded into or off loaded from the vehicle containers.

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CCTV For Warehouse

investigatory management tool

Warehouses can be a busy working environment and CCTV can act as an investigatory and health and safety management tool as it provides visibility on things that would ordinarily go unresolved or unreported. Surveillance systems can be used to investigate the incident thoroughly and prove or disprove the cause of incidents.

remote monitoring

Another great benefit to our CCTV systems is they can be monitored at any time from anywhere via a mobile device. Remote surveillance allows you to monitor your warehouse, inventory and employers from wherever you have an internet connection.

Remote monitoring warehouse CCTV System

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent CCTV questions and answers

Yes, we can install a CCTV system in all types of warehouses. All of our CCTV systems can be tailored to any of your needs whether you are in a small or large warehouse.

CCTV provides real time surveillance allowing you to have a log of all events that occur in your warehouse including deliveries. This footage can help solve delivery issues when errors occur such as missing items or a late deliveries.

All our CCTV systems allow remote monitoring. If you are away from the warehouse but would like to monitor its activity you can access your CCTV cameras as long as you are connected to the internet.

Yes, our modern CCTV cameras allow you to watch what’s happening in your warehouse in real-time.

CCTV can deter crime, reduce insurance premiums and help improve health and safety within the warehouse.

CCTV cameras should be positioned in all locations where surveillance is needed, this includes entrances, exits and all main warehouse areas.