Warehousing and Distribution Sector CCTV Benefits


Theft and its prevention.

In most people’s minds when you mention CCTV they immediately think of security. Whilst it plays a huge part in stock loss prevention and is a critical control measure, not all companies realise the full benefits of CCTV and believe its only purpose is the deterrent element to lessen the risk of theft. 

In the warehousing part of Logistics, high-value products, electronics, designer goods, cosmetics, etc (small & desirable), CCTV quite rightly is deployed to prevent theft. Any theft will cause an unknown deviation in the inventory file, thus creating a lost sale (£’s) which reflects on the Logistics Service Provider’s (LSP) ability to maintain an accurate stock file; perceived as ‘poor stock management’. 

This can have a massive negative effect on the ability to secure and retain long term clients as well as suffering chargebacks from the respective clients for the stolen goods. A well installed and correctly positioned CCTV camera system can provide the evidence of who the goods were stolen by and where they were stolen from. So this begs the question “Can you afford not to either install a bespoke CCTV System or upgrade your existing cameras and system?”

“Three for the price of one”

Whilst theft is the most common incentive for CCTV to be deployed it can also be used to validate delivery discrepancies from suppliers and customers and thus protects an LSP’s liability. Correctly installed CCTV can be used as part of investigations into loss prevention by providing visibility on activity areas such as loading bays and what is being loaded into or off loaded from the vehicle containers. This footage can either confirm or refute any allegation on what was received or what has been dispatched by the LSP 

CCTV also acts as an investigatory management tool into damages because it provides visibility on things that would ordinarily go unresolved or unreported. Deliberate damage or not, the stock is written off (stock loss); which again results in a lost sale, liability problems, contract penalties, and the perception of ‘poor stock management’. If damage occurs to stock then the persons responsible can be easily identified and the necessary action taken whether that be re-training or other more serious action if deemed necessary, in this situation CCTV will play a major part in providing the evidence should there be litigation involved if an employee’s contract is terminated because of their actions saving both time and money on behalf of the company.

The final benefit of the three is the Health and Safety management of the site, most LSP operations have multiple vehicles in operation, whether that be forklifts or tractor and trailer units as well as other various areas of risk associated with these sites. Accidents whilst thankfully not common place do happen, in these situations CCTV can be used to investigate the incident thoroughly and prove or disprove the cause of the incident. In a worst-case scenario this could prevent the LSP’s operation being disrupted for a long period of time and the serious loss of turnover that would incur

Active CCTV has carried out numerous installations within this sector over many years and have the experience of what CCTV Camera’s and System’s work best. The location and specification of every camera installed has to provide the LSP with the coverage they need, this can only be achieved with clear communication and the understanding of what requirements are needing to be met. 

If you would like a free site consultation and take advantage of our vast experience in warehouse CCTV systems then please get in touch with me [email protected] and I will be happy to arrange a visit.