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Vehicle Identification

Having security camera professional installed at your patrol station can help both deter petrol pump thieves and identify them and their vehicle should they drive off without paying for their fuel.

Theft Prevention

Professionally installed and well positioned CCTV camera will deter and capture criminal activity on the forecourt and in the petrol station. This provides a cost effective security solution for the whole petrol station.

Petrol Forecourt CCTV System
Petrol Station CCTV

Remote Mentoring

Our surveillance systems allow you to access them 24/7 in real time so you can monitor your petrol station from your phone.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent CCTV questions and answers

An unmanned petrol station is a petrol station that has no employees working at the physical location, these petrol stations use intelligent CCTV to monitor each petrol pump alongside other technology such as burglar and fire alarms to reduce staffing costs.

Yes, our team of CCTV specialists will help pick the locations of your cameras to optimise your CCTV system within your petrol station and also set up your CCTV system.

Our industry-leading CCTV cameras provide all the features you need to spot a criminal hidden in the dark, our thermal detection software allows you to have a clear view of any visitors onto your premises night. Our software also allow you to set up a notification system to see in real-time who is on your premises.

Yes with an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera you can capture moving vehicles and their number plates. With the correct software installed, number plates can also be logged into a database.