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Crime deterrent

Having a professional CCTV system installed around your hotel will deter any criminals from trying to gain access to your premises. It also acts as a crime deterrent to both employees and guests in your hotel, when you know you are being monitored you are less likely to commit a crime!

Guests Safety

Guest safety is paramount in a hotel and having the latest CCTV system in your hotel can help make customers feel at ease and safer knowing that the premises and all their belongings are being monitored 24/7.

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Safe working environment

Having a safe working environment is essential to having a stress free workplace, well positioned CCTV cameras can help ensure the workplace is monitored and safe. Many accidents and events can happen in a hotel from falls, slips or even confrontations, A CCTV system can not only help avoid such accident but also provide footage if needed.

Remote monitoring

Our hotel surveillance systems allow you to monitor your hotel 24/7 in real-time on your phone so that you can make sure everything is running smoothly at your hotel or chain of hotels.

Hotel CCTV Systems

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent Hotel CCTV questions and answers

As hotels can be large buildings figuring out where to put your CCTV cameras can be hard, the best locations to put your CCTV cameras are key areas such as entrances, parking areas, receptions and pool areas.

Using CCTV systems allows you to identify any intruders trying to gain access to your premises. With well-placed security cameras, you can be alerted to any potential intruders before they gain access to your hotel.

Yes, placing CCTV cameras in locations such as hallways and storerooms where your staff work helps improve staff productivity and efficiency as they will be aware they are being monitored.