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Increased theft deterrent

An effective security systems should provide a high level of security surveillance at your factory which should act as a visual deterrent to potential thieves. Good quality CCTV cameras should also help identify thieves if a crime is committed.

Safer working environment

Having a CCTV system installed in your factory will increase safety procedures and monitoring of equipment. A factory can consist of a number of large, dangerous machinery, having surveillance can help monitor that these machines are used correctly and also when they are not, potentially avoiding an accident.


Equipment inspection

CCTV can provide effective equipment inspection, this can help make your factory run smoother and safer.
Having equipment not up to code or in an unsafe condition can create potential hazards and also can stop factory production, with CCTV these potential issues can be identified straight away and fixed!

Remote monitoring

Our commercial surveillance systems allow you to monitor your factory 24/7 in real-time on your phone so that you can make sure everything is running smoothly at your company.

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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent Factory CCTV questions and answers

Depending on what type of machinery you are monitoring you can set up a push notification system that allows you to get a notification when motion is picked up in that area. If you have a piece of machinery that shouldn’t move and you receive notification from a specific camera means that there could be a malfunction. 

Yes high definition CCTV can be used for legal issues as it shows clear of footage of what took place.

Yes with remote monitoring it makes it easy to access your CCTV cameras from any location. If your mobile phone is connected to the internet/4g then you will be able to access your CCTV systems in real time and go back over previous footage.

Yes, with our wealth of experience we know the optimum locations to place CCTV cameras within a factory, this helps to reduce blind spots and provides the best coverage from each CCTV camera.