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Reasons Why Retail and Shopping Centres Need CCTV Surveillance


Installing CCTV cameras are a crucial security feature for retail stores. Their visibility has many security benefits for the retail sector including theft prevention, staff safety and the general security of the store.

Theft Prevention

Retail theft can occur by shop lifters and employees. Having retail CCTV cameras installed acts as a deterrent for shop lifters while at the same time reducing the temptation for employees to steal stock.

CCTV for Retail Shops
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Installing retail CCTV systems can increase productivity as staff are aware they are being monitored which can stop employee time wasting.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent Retail CCTV questions and answers

The best location to place a CCTV camera is behind the till, this is because you can gain a clear view of the customers face and whatever transaction that is taking place. If there is any issue like theft or a robbery, having a CCTV system in a prime location allows you to access essential information about the criminal.

Only personalised personnel can access the CCTV footage, depending on your CCTV set up you may have a room dedicated to your CCTV cameras this means that a member from your security team should be monitoring these screens. The only other person who should have access is the manager of that retail store.

Yes, CCTV footage can be used in court to prosecute the criminal. CCTV can be one of the strongest pieces of evidence possible in court.

Yes CCTV can be used to monitor your employees. CCTV can be placed in staff rooms and stock rooms to provide 24\7 surveillance. It has to be made sure staff are aware they are being recorded through signs and policies. You cannot put CCTV cameras in rooms such as toilets and changing rooms where privacy is to expected.