The Importance of CCTV for Food Manufacturing and Production Lines


CCTV has advanced considerably in the last few years and is no longer just used for security. With the advances in technology, CCTV is now used for a range of purposes including the monitoring and surveillance of food manufacturing and food production lines. There are a number of key benefits to installing the latest commercial CCTV system which can help save money, increase productivity and effectively help manage health and safety.


A food company’s reputation is very important when in the food production industry, a mistake with food can have huge ramifications on the reputation of a business and ultimately can destroy a company. Having a CCTV system installed throughout a food manufacturing premises in all the crucial areas including food storage areas, production lines and packaging areas shows the company’s commitment to making sure quality and regulations are adhered to at all times.

Health and Safety 

When it comes to food, health and safety is one of the most important aspects for both the food manufacturing premises and for the end-user of the food. There are strict regulations and sanitation requirements in place to make sure that the highest level of food safety is met.

Unfortunately, there still can be errors such as contamination and even scandals in the food industry, the last one being when horse meat was discovered on many production lines back in 2013. Having professional CCTV installed not only installs customer confidence that all production lines are monitored but also should there be any contamination it can be reviewed and the point of contamination can be dealt with. With the help of CCTV, all contaminated products would be able to be identified and either not distributed out or recalled, thus minimising the effects of a major health and safety problem.

In the premises, manufacturing and production lines are busy areas where there can be dangerous machinery with a lot of employees in close proximity. Employers have a duty to make sure that risk assessments have been carried out and that best practices have been put in place to reduce the risk of injury. CCTV cameras are a crucial tool to help with risk assessments, they can be positioned to monitor crucial areas where there are hazards, such as hot ovens and busy production lines.

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Quality Control

Quality is always an important factor throughout business but even more so with food. Intelligent CCTV cameras can help identify if there are errors on the production line or in manufacturing that may affect the quality of the food.

CCTV can also monitor quality on production lines for the increasingly popular food box services. One of the crucial aspects of food boxes is that all the ingredients are included in the boxes. CCTV surveillance can monitor the packaging lines and provide a way to check if boxes were packaged correctly.

Production Efficiency 

As with every business keeping costs to a minimum while making sure production stays high is important. CCTV can help identify errors on the production line that may cause production to decrease. Also, through monitoring production lines and manufacturing processes areas for improvement can also be identified and then action can then be taken to make improvements that can help keep production running to the highest optimum output.

CCTV Advice For The Food Manufacturing and Production Industry

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