The Benefits of CCTV in Hotels


Hotels are busy places with a high footfall of people that carry with them valuable belongings, inherently this can cause minor and major issues, a hotel CCTV system can help deal with safety and security and also make sure all parts of the hotel are monitored for any issues that may occur. There is a range of benefits from installing a commercial CCTV system in your hotel and in this blog we have put together some of the main benefits of having CCTV cameras in your hotel.

Providing a Sense of Security For Your Guests and Deterring Crime

Having a CCTV camera system in your hotel building automatically deters any crime from your hotel, this adds a sense of security and comfort for your customers, as they may have valuable belongings or family with them and will want to make sure they are safe and protected. Positioning is key when installing CCTV cameras, cameras should be installed in essential places around the hotel, for example, hallways, entrances, exits and car parks. You can read more about this in our blog on where to position commercial CCTV cameras.

Increasing Health and Safety

Many unexpected accidents can happen in hotels, from slips, falls or even confrontations between guests and staff. If one of these incidents should happen, having a CCTV system means that incident will be caught on camera and give clear footage of what actually happened. Footage can be invaluable in such situations and can help make sure similar incidents don’t occur again and can also be used if guests try to take legal action against the hotel. 

It is always better to be prepared and try to avoid such instances occurring and this can be done through keeping up to date with health and safety regulations and having a professional commercial CCTV system installed that is always monitoring your establishment. Keeping customers and staff safe should always be a paramount concern to any hotel business.

Providing a Competitive Advantage 

The hotel industry is very competitive, each hotel is always looking to make sure they offer their guest the best experience possible and that no incidents occur which lead to negative reviews and publicity. A CCTV system can help make sure that no negative incidents occur while guests are on-site and also provide guests with peace of mind. In helping manage your hotel with CCTV you are reducing the risk of accidents and incidents that may occur which will lead to an increased overall rating for your hotel.

Monitoring Supplies and Customer’s Belongings

Throughout a hotel, there are always hotel supplies and customer belongings moving around the building every day. A CCTV system allows you to monitor these items and track them should they go missing or be taken. Being able to monitor and track hotel supplies should reduce supplies going missing and make sure money is not wasted on stocking up supplies that are going missing. Also, if a customer’s belongings are misplaced or taken, CCTV cameras will increase the chances of tracking the item and returning them to the guest and perhaps avoiding a very unhappy customer and bad review.

Giving Complete Visibility Throughout The Hotel  

Hotels are usually large buildings with a number of areas and it can be hard to keep an eye on each area at once, installing an advanced CCTV system makes it easy to monitor the whole hotel at once and show different angles from all around the building. Monitoring can be done from one room such as an office or administration room or via a mobile device from any location with internet access, giving the manager or owner freedom to leave the site and still monitor the hotel or chain of hotels.

Helping Identify Customers

CCTV cameras are a great way to identify who has entered your hotel at any time, it allows you to get a clear picture of their face at any point in your hotel due to the cameras high definition images. The best place to install a CCTV camera is at the entrance of your hotel, because of its placement behind the desk it allows you to get a perfect image of guests faces when they enter the building should an issue arise where they have to be identified.

Helping Monitor Employees

Having a CCTV camera set up in the maintenance room or the private access parts of the hotel will reduce the risk of staff stealing any of the hotel supplies from the hotel, it will also stop any employees who are thinking about committing any actions that go against the hotel rules as they will be aware they are being monitored. Employee monitoring can also help increase performance and analyse where staff can perhaps be more efficient.

Free CCTV Advice for the Hotel Industry

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