Where to Position Commercial CCTV Cameras in Your Business


Your business should always be protected and have 24-hour CCTV surveillance as a bare minimum, but many people have no idea where to position their CCTV cameras. If your CCTV cameras are installed incorrectly you will miss angles and shots that may contain crucial information for evidence if there is an intruder on your premises.

Knowing the best places to set up your CCTV cameras can be hard, from the height to the angle and the location, there is an optimum place to position CCTV cameras. When you are having your CCTV cameras installed you need to have a discussion with the CCTV installer who is installing your CCTV System to tell them exactly what you want and how you want your CCTV system to function to your specific needs. They will also give you their professional advice on where to best place the CCTV cameras for maximum surveillance.


Warehouses are the largest storage facility that businesses will have and they can hold valuable stock and assets, this is a vulnerable location for a thief to target and steal high-value goods. Without warehouse CCTV cameras, it leaves you completely exposed to crime and over the UK warehouses are a prime location for theft. A CCTV camera is a great way to track whoever comes in and out of your warehouse and is also a great way to capture any evidence of a thief if there is a crime. CCTV cameras can capture essential information about them including their face, clothes and even vehicle number plates. If your CCTV camera isn’t set up right you may not be able to see such features about them, or if the camera is positioned wrong and is too hidden it will not be able to act as a deterrent to the criminal.

Entrances and Exits

Everyone who enters your commercial premises will walk through the entrance and leave through the exit, having a CCTV camera setup allows you to see whoever is entering your premises in real-time. Having a CCTV camera installed in a good position will act as an instant deterrent to anyone who is thinking of committing a crime on your premises.

Providing the best height and angle will make it a lot easier to see whoever is walking in and out of your building, it will also provide a high-quality image of them. The best placement for a CCTV camera at the entrance is above the door pointed away from a light source as direct light can decrease the quality of the footage.


Storerooms can be found in almost any shop, either to keep valuable documents and information safe or to store stock and keep it safe, normally only employees and managers have access to this place. Installing a CCTV camera above the door will show anyone who is trying to gain access to the room so that you have a log of who has been into the storeroom. This can help when there are instances of stock going missing from the storeroom, you can go over the surveillance footage and see who entered that room throughout the day.

Car parks

Having a CCTV camera set up in your car park is essential as it has a high volume of traffic throughout the day, and even the night depending on your location. The height and angle of how the CCTV camera is set up are very important because you need to be able to identify visitors’ number plates and any other key information about their vehicles. Having your camera set to an optimum height of 8ft on an advantage point is a great option and allows you to get wide coverage of the area.

Customer interaction points

Places like a reception may not seem the most important room in your commercial building to watch over, but it has a high volume of traffic directed through it all day, this means many people in the working day can gain access to your commercial premises. Having multiple CCTV cameras set up in this area will allow you to keep a record of whoever has accessed your building. This is why it’s important to have a high-quality CCTV camera installed so that you can see every key feature of your visitors. The best place to put a CCTV camera in a place like this is behind the desk as that’s where the visitor will be looking when they enter the building.

Professional CCTV Installers

Setting up your CCTV cameras in the right place is essential for you to gain maximum surveillance of your commercial premises at all the key locations, this is why it’s advantageous to have a professional fit your CCTV system as they know the best placement for CCTV cameras given the location they are being installed. 

Commercial CCTV Advice

If you need help and advice on installing a commercial CCTV system call our team directly on 01492 547997 or send us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to offer free commercial CCTV advice.