A new age of Petrol Station Fire and Theft Protection


Currently when changing a Petrol Station from manned to unmanned there are very few options open to retailers with regards to the security and fire protection of their sites. In most cases they are told that they must have a conventional Burglar and Fire Alarm installed, we would like to prove how we are able to provide a superior option at a far lower cost utilising new technology.

Burglar Alarm Option for unmanned Forecourt Shop

Conventional wired and more recently wireless alarm options have been installed to deter burglars and provide additional security for unattended properties for many years. In most cases once activated an alarm will sound and an alert will be sent to a central monitoring station notifying them of a potential break-in. However, unless there is also a CCTV camera providing coverage of the premises the monitoring station will have no idea of the threat, i.e. how many persons are on the premises, if they are armed or what they are doing.

What we are recommending is to install either a single (or multiple if larger premises) HikVision 4K AcuSense Strobe Light and Audible Warning Fixed Turret Network Camera inside the premises. The camera has smart features built-in such as Face Capture, Line crossing detection, intrusion detection, region entrance detection and exiting detection. It will be connected to the NVR which in turn is connected to our Central Monitoring Station, when detecting anyone entering the premises it will sound an audible warning as well as activating the strobe lights (similar to a conventional external alarm box). The monitoring station will receive an immediate notification of the activation and will be able to view exactly what is happening, allowing them to take the necessary action such as contacting the local Police force as well as issuing a further warning on the sites Tanoy system.

We believe this provides the client with a far higher level of security to their premises than a conventional burglar alarm and embraces the huge steps in new technology that have been taken over recent years.

Fire Alarm Option

Reading through what is currently being installed on Petrol Stations we are extremely concerned. The Fire alarm is activated by flame detectors which are designed for indoor use not externally on petrol forecourts this information has been taken directly from the technical specification on their website, “The Apollo 55000-025APO Series 65 conventional base mounted UV flame detector is designed to protect enclosed indoor areas where open flaming fires may be expected. The detector has a single UV sensor with a narrow spectral response in order to discriminate between flames and most spurious sources of radiation”.

These detectors are mounted on the underside of the forecourt canopies which in some cases could be as much as 5m from floor level so by the time the flames are detected it will already be a serious situation and the risk of loss of life and the evacuation of local buildings highly likely.

What we are recommending is a single (or for large forecourts multiple) HikVision Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Camera to be installed to provide coverage across the forecourt area. This camera has smart features which include line crossing, intrusion, region entrance & exit detection, Temperature exception alarm and a Fire detection algorithm (specification sheet attached).

The camera will detect increases in temperature and has 3 temperature measurement rule types, 21 rules in total (10 points, 10 areas, and 1 line) as well as Dynamic fire detection with up to 10 fire points detectable. These rules and detection areas will be programmed into the camera at point of installation.

On the detection of an increase in temperature or a fire as with a conventional fire alarm a clear audible alarm will be issued from the camera along with a visible flashing white light to warn any customers that are on the forecourt at that time. At the same time an alarm activation is sent to the monitoring station who will immediately react to the situation which could involve contacting the local Fire Service providing information of the potential threat, as well as issuing further warnings via the Tanoy system if persons are still detected on the forecourt. 

The notification of a sudden increase in temperature would provide vital minutes in reducing the likelihood of serious harm to customers as well as allowing more time for the Fire service to get to the forecourt and deal with the emergency. This YouTube video will explain the benefits of this camera in more detail.

The Thermal camera alternative in our opinion provides the next generation of fire protection for Petrol Station Forecourts and provides a future proof solution without the use of outdated equipment that has not been designed for the task in hand. 

We hope you have found our recommendations valuable and that it has helped you understand the new technological advances that have been made over recent years which are far superior to the outdated use of conventional equipment currently being offered for petrol station forecourts.

If you would like further information on petrol station CCTV systems or to discuss these options in more detail then please call our team directly on 01492 547997 or send us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to offer free petrol station CCTV advice.