Reasons Why Retail and Shopping Centres Need CCTV Surveillance


Retail shops and shopping centres are often targeted by thieves as it is near impossible for staff to monitor every part of a retail store. Having a retail CCTV system can help monitor the store and prevent crime. CCTV can also increase staff security and productivity. CCTV has many benefits for retail establishments, some of which have been outlined below.

Deter and Prevent Crime

Thieves do not like to be monitored as they know this can get them caught, but even if they get away with the crime at the time, they know they can still perhaps be identified at a later date. For this reason, CCTV will not only deter the thief but also act as a deterrent. CCTV is essential evidence if the footage is needed of the crime to help with a prosecution.

Having a retail CCTV system installed at your retail premises also helps deter employee theft. Internal theft can be a large issue in some retail stores which can be prevented with well-positioned CCTV cameras covering not only the retail areas but also the storage areas.

Theft is not the only issue in retail shops, abuse of staff members is increasing in retail stores, over 400 assaults happen a day across all shopworkers (CAT UK). People will be less likely to be abusive or aggressive if they know that all their actions are being monitored.

Improve Staff Productivity

CCTV security cameras can be used to ensure staff are correctly doing their job and are kept accountable for the work they do throughout the day. CCTV surveillance can help make sure staff show up for work on time, work efficiently and don’t take more breaks and time off than they should be.

Constant 24/7 Surveillance

CCTV does not sleep meaning a retail store will be monitored no matter what time of the day it is which can deter night crimes where thieves may be considering breaking into a retail store once it is closed. CCTV can now come with motion detector lights, night vision or even ColorVu from Hikvision (colour image at night), these features help add an extra level of security at night and provide clear footage of night crime.

Low Maintenance

Hikvision CCTV systems are very easy to use once they are set up. There is no expensive software to invest in once the CCTV cameras have been installed. All commercial CCTV systems that we supply and install also come with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind that the system you have invested in will last!

Money Saver

Thefts account for a loss of £663 million in the industry, you can save your retail premises a lot of money if you deter this sort of crime from your premises. Also, if you have clear and visible footage of the crime and the thieves it is more likely that the police will be able to find them and recover your stock that was stolen. 

As we mentioned, internal theft is now a big problem in retail and is now costing retail shops millions of pounds a year! By installing CCTV not only will you deter this type of crime but additionally it will make it a lot easier to prove if a staff member is taking stock.

CCTV can also cut the costs of security guards. CCTV cameras can cover all angles of your retail shop meaning that you may be able to reduce the number of security guards as one can monitor the system and see all areas of the store.

Cover Large Outdoor Retail Areas

Outdoor CCTV cameras can help monitor large areas that come with some retail premises such as customer cars parks and loading bays. The quality of CCTV cameras has increased massively over the past few years meaning a single CCTV can cover a large outdoor area and provide a very good quality image, PTZ cameras are perfect for this. Unsure of the different types of CCTV cameras? Read our blog on the different types of CCTV cameras.

Upgrading your Retail CCTV

A large number of retail premises have previously had CCTV installed, perhaps a few years ago, many of these cameras and systems are no longer fit for purpose due to the quality of the footage that they provide. CCTV has to be clear and visible to be useful to help identify individuals and also if it is to be used for prosecution purposes. If the images are fuzzy and unclear they will simply not be used as evidence in a prosecution as it won’t be clear enough to identify the person in the footage. If you are looking to upgrade your CCTV we do offer CCTV finance that can be tax efficient for businesses.

Retail CCTV Advice

If you need help and advice on installing a retail CCTV System at your premises call our team directly on 01492 547997 or send us an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to offer free commercial CCTV advice.