Improving Sales in Retail with Intelligent CCTV systems


CCTV systems are great for security and keeping retail stores safe, but CCTV can also be used to improve sales within retail stores. Retail CCTV has advanced considerably allowing them to be used for intelligent tasks, such as figuring out footpaths within stores to make them more efficient and organised. In this blog, we will explain some advantages to using intelligent CCTV within a retail store.

Using CCTV to improve the customer’s experience

Intelligent CCTV systems allow retail stores to improve customers experience in many different ways, by figuring out things such as:

  • Footfall and customer aisle routes.
  • Dwell time at shelves
  • Checkouts and queues
  • Behaviour patterns

All these aspects play a large role in the customer’s experience, improving the customer’s experience in stores can have a direct effect on improving sales. Retail shops that are unorganised and inefficient have been shown to have a decrease in sales.

The analytic data that our CCTV cameras provide allows you to monitor your retail data, this means you can improve things such as sales, merchandising, marketing, and security. Our 24-hour surveillance allows you to monitor which items are selling well compared to the items that aren’t performing as well. Having such precise stock management means you can replace stock promptly which in turn increases your customers’ experience.

Heatmaps and Footpaths

When preparing the layout of your store you should consider where the most popular sections of your retail shop are, but how do we find this out? A great solution for this is by figuring out your customer’s footpaths by using a heat map. A heat map allows you to monitor the highest amount of traffic in your shop at certain times throughout the day. A great example of how intelligent CCTV can help is by figuring out where to advertise specific products at certain times, heat maps allow you to find the most efficient placement.

Figuring out your customer’s footpaths could mean that you alter the location of certain products and marketing displays as you may find different areas throughout the day receive a higher amount of foot traffic. Having such data can help increase sales of your products at these hotspots.

Organising your shop layout into certain sections where your customers can see their favourite products in particular aisles can help improve the flow around your store. CCTV can help gain a deep understanding of your customers’ experience around a retail store and thus allowing you to adapt the store and its flow to improve sales.

Monitoring stock

If you are a larger business with a considerable stock turnover, then you’ll need to pay close attention to it. With a CCTV system, you can monitor what time deliveries come in, meaning that if there is any missing stock then it is a simple process to locate it. Once your stock is in storage you need to make sure that it remains safe. As employee theft increases in the workplace, making sure that only essential staff have access to product storage is a good way of decreasing that risk.

Also, depending on the size of your retail store, you may have multiple floors making it harder to monitor the level of stock throughout. With a large CCTV set up you can monitor these floors from a range of different screens within the security section of your shop.

Management Efficiency

For managers, the data that is available to you through intelligent CCTV systems can significantly increase the efficiency of how you operate your store. By utilising the analytics that would be available to you, you can see which checkouts are used more often and where customers prefer to queue. This can help with things like shift assignment and staff coordination, perhaps you’ll have to make certain employees ready to be on hand for assistance with the checkouts if you know that they are going to be busy.

Want to increase your sales within your retail shop?

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