Is the new era of CCTV technology the answer to having successful unmanned petrol stations


With the current surge in the manufacturing of fully electric vehicles coupled with the governments “net zero” commitment the owners of petrol stations especially in rural areas are having to seriously consider if it is financially viable to continue. One option that some have taken is to operate on a 24-hour basis however this can create issues, the cost of manning the petrol stations, providing lone workers with a safe working environment and the increased chance of “drive offs” could make this preventative.

Active CCTV & Surveillance Systems Ltd can provide a cost-effective solution for this problem that could be the difference between the sites closure or it continuing to trade. Advances in CCTV systems and technology including ANPR and Thermal cameras combined with improved network access means that we are able to very easily convert a manned site into an unmanned site. The new range of cameras connected directly to a highly trained team of monitoring station operators means that both owners and retailers embracing this option can sustain profits and increase turnover.

The Advantages of Unmanned Petrol Stations 

  • Equipment can be fitted around existing petrol pumps making it easy to install and cost-effective.
  • Lone workers won’t be forced to work overnight. 
  • Unusual activity will be identified immediately by the monitoring station for example: 

               –  People entering the petrol station without a vehicle.

               – Vehicles that have parked suspiciously at the pumps. 

               – Tampered or hidden number plates.

               – No fuel dispatched until card details have been entered. 

  • The emergency services will be notified if there are any issues, for example, if there is a fire detected by the thermal camera the fire department will be notified immediately resulting in a faster response time allowing a better chance of dealing with the hazard. This also applies to all the emergency services such as police or ambulances. 
  • A two-way intercom will be installed on the petrol station so that customers have a point of contact if there is an issue on site, for example, if a card machine doesn’t work at the petrol pump or there is an issue with the fuel line.
  • A relay switch allowing the monitoring station operative to cut power to individual pumps or the whole site if necessary, offering greater protection to the customer.

Less cost for owners and retailers 

For an owner or retailer, our remote monitoring solution will offer a massive reduction in overheads and losses. The day to day running of the site can be easily managed by a caretaker, reducing the number of employees needed, saving approximately £13,500 per annum per employee, (based on the average salary for a petrol station assistant). The management of the site becomes less demanding negating the need for middle management or individual site managers, saving over £20,00-£25,000 per person. 

More Secure 

Remote monitoring using industry leading CCTV can help increase the security of petrol station sites by providing 24\7 monitoring and surveillance. ANPR cameras capture every car number plate that accesses the site and will keep a screen shot record of that activity, the pump located cameras have face detection software giving a clear image of every person accessing fuel, which is crucial evidence for identification should proceedings be necessary

Increasing your surveillance equipment also means that hazards that may lead to fire or accidents can be monitored in real time. If an accident or fire does occur it will be recorded and can be used for evidence if needed as well as helping to prevent any similar future accidents occurring.

Guidance for Unmanned Petrol Stations  

Ray Blake, Head of Petroleum from the London Fire Brigade (LFB) says:

“Controlling the risks of fire and explosion at unmanned forecourts operated by our Primary Authority Partners is a high priority. National guidance requires a system that has a two-way voice call point that allows the public to contact the remote monitoring station.”

“On top of that, the remote monitoring station must have the ability to control power to the pumps and deactivate them in case of an emergency, to contact the locally based emergency services, and to ensure a competent person attends the site within a few minutes and have a comprehensive set of procedures in place for serious incidents such as a car or person on fire.” 

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Free Petrol Station CCTV Systems Advice 

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